Repurposing Articles – Learn to Make a Profit From Your BEST Articles

The list of uses for old articles goes on and on. There’s no stopping point, regardless of who wrote the report. However, if it is one of yours… Your chances could be endless!

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Only 1 post could become many posts, an e-book, a promotion product, a marketing material, a letter, a blog article, an email, an e-course, a tele-seminar, and the record never stops. Consider for a minute in the event that you took just one of the many posts and drove that post just as far as it might carry you? Let’s make this easy – return and receive your best article, blow the dust off, and let us see where it could take you.

Repurposing Articles Review

  1. Read the article over and see if you can see something more in the contents SEOToolsCentre sentence rewriter review – cultofmac. Can this article talk to you in some manner? Why is it your very best article? Does it offer more? Does it imply more than you wrote in the report? Consider for a moment what you may want to do for this article… Is it worthy of e-book status?
  2. Outline the high-points of your decoration article and look for the guarantee. The title is frequently the most impressive portion of a guide, with a BOLD name that’says it all’. Can your name be a stand-alone blog post with a few sentences referring to visitors to the article? Try out a quick blog of two or three posts about this article. Tell your reader why they ought to go read the article – posted onto a stand-alone page with references the reader could follow.
  3. Segment this article into multiple posts and utilize the collection within an e-course. Present them to y our readers as a stand-alone course, with short additional remarks and calls to action that can take your reader in a couple of weeks to greater accomplishment in your selected field. Bind your article in a package to be sold as an e-book, employing the material of your e-course along with step by step processes to move your reader to a particular goal.
  4. Discuss it into life using a teleseminar that attracts your readers to the table with your voice and direction, as well as the e-book you created to market with your seminar. Impress your readers with the comforting voice of YOU sharing your wisdom, encouraging them forward, and creating additional value into your already high-end Article.
  5. Email your list and invite them to review your blog, your post page, your new e-course, along with your teleseminar and e-book. Trump up the value of your article by finishing it with a resource box that leads the reader into some sales letter, boosting your teleseminar. Motivate your readers to buy your merchandise, by giving them the foundational article, your teaser to profits.

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