Mental Health and Addiction Association of Oregon

The Mental Health and Addiction Association of Oregon has been promoting mental health and prevention for a very long time. This is just part of our mission to eliminate mental illnesses before they take over our society. This association is also concerned about alcohol and drug abuse. It is a non-profit membership organization that helps those who suffer from mental disorders find the help they need.

Mental Health and Addiction Association

The Mental Health and Addiction Association of Oregon were formed in 1974 by volunteers who were concerned about alcoholism, drug abuse and mental health. The MHA of Oregona, Oregon is a not for profit organization dedicated to the prevention of mental illness, especially addiction.

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The MHA provides educational and clinical support to those suffering from mental disorders, alcohol dependence, or psychological problems. Because the association covers all areas of mental health and addiction, its services extend to family counselors, therapists, hospitals, treatment centers, home health agencies, educational programs, and emergency services.

This organization works closely with state and county resources including law enforcement, medical health professionals, families of patients, the media, and the public behavioral therapy. This is a resource center that offers outreach services to families and those in the service sector.

The organization educates the public about mental health and addiction and the necessity for everyone to take responsibility for their own health. Through programs such as Family Connections, the MHA educates families on the warning signs and consequences of substance abuse and alcoholism. It also offers referral and outreach services to medical and other health care specialists.

The MHA of Oregona, Oregon is affiliated with the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons, the Pacific Alliance for Drug Prevention, the American Psychological Association, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Association and the National Association for Drug Abuse Prevention. The association does not provide treatment or specialty referrals for alcohol or drug abuse. Referrals are provided only for mental health concerns. Treatment is offered in an environment that assures high levels of client safety and confidentiality.

The mental health and addiction of an individual can have devastating consequences. Addicts become totally consumed by their dependencies, causing severe emotional, physical and even legal problems for their families. The most severe cases can result in death. Help is available, but it must be sought and accepted. The services of a mental health and addiction association of Oregon can provide education and referral to appropriate programs that will enhance the quality of life for those suffering from mental health and addiction problems.

The mental health and addiction association of Oregon is committed to improving the lives and quality of life of all those who suffer from mental illness. Treatment is provided for those suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Those who suffer from mental illness can seek treatment at the mental health and addiction Association of Oregon. Treatment includes detoxification, individual and family therapy, and support groups.

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