Make Front Page News By Not Inviting The Media

Not just one photographer showed up to catch the moment. And we were happy as punch!

Not a single paper knew about the occasion.

It’s possible to make front-page news by keeping the press away. However, how did we get it? Here’s the media relations strategy we used:

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BACKGROUND: A couple of decades back, I had been trying to find a politician visit this. This was about the time that Canada Post chose to not send mail to homes in new developments. Rather, new homeowners needed to pick up their mail community”superboxes” near the end of the roads.

Make Front Page News

After laying down big bucks for fancy new houses, people expected the exact same door-to-door service that they had been used to, and also my MP took the warmth… although Canada Post was still an arms-length business of this authorities.

GOAL: Our aim was to show my MP cared, he had been on their side, he had been doing what he could to assist them.

IDEA: Some of the complaints that the new inhabitants had was that they weren’t getting their junk email (Go figure!) Why don’t you ship my MP door to door to deliver his bulletin, describing how he, too, was frustrated that Canada Post wouldn’t send his bulletin into them.

CHALLENGE NUMBER ONE: But what about the vast majority of folks who wouldn’t be home to see the way my MP shared their own gripes? We had media policy, so that everybody would read about it in their regional newspaper.

CHALLENGE NUMBER TWO: This is really a hot story for terrorists. Imagine the photographs of angry individuals putting their fists in anger against Canada Post. My MP wouldn’t appear great one piece. The press needed to remain away. But how do we get press coverage?

METHOD: We’d need to report to the press”after the fact” my MP had only gone door-to-door. We’d need to provide all of the papers would require so they don’t have any need to recreate the occasion, search for mad residents to interview or ignore the story entirely.

OK, so it didn’t read like a normal news release. In fact, it read like five distinct paper articles, since I wrote a very different story for each of those five papers in the region. To a extent, I managed to emulate every individual’s style.

Next, we chose to provide photos. We dressed my MP at a flea and had him carrying out a postal bag. I snapped photographs of him doorways conversing with residents. This was simply too”human interest” for any paper to dismiss. Away to the one-hour photograph programmer, we then picked the five best shots and connected one to all those news releases.

We delivered an envelope to every newspaper. The whole procedure took us only five hours out of knocking the very first door.

RESULT: Every paper had its own, unique, original narrative with its very own, exceptional, original photograph. This left the journalists contented. Four out of the five editors used the headlines that I supplied! Additionally, it made viewers, a lot of who obtained two or even three of those papers, consider the media was there in person… creating the narrative even more plausible.

Can you replicate this achievement? Yes. If You Would like to get Fantastic media coverage, but You’re afraid the media will pick up a negative angle, then this is the recipe to use:

  • Position your company as you’d love to be viewed.
  • Locate a way to present your standing or attribute.
  • Write the narrative for every paper as the paper would write it, but put it in the format of a press release.
  • Get some fantastic visuals, heading for something or action with a spin, and make certain each paper has an exceptional picture.
  • Let the papers understand that no other media outlet has the exact same picture.
  • Obviously, it’s almost always best to invite the media to your event and function donuts, but occasionally NOT inviting them is a much better way to don’t only”a” narrative, but also the”right” narrative.

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