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Services marketing has incurred an explosive number of scholarly study in the last twenty decades, however since 1986 there has been no debate regarding the notion that services are distinct from goods, and so deserve a special strategy, a set of theories, and a body of knowledge (Brown, Fisk, and Bitner, 1994).

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This essay will explain the distinguishing features of services promotion, providing examples where possible IT Services Brampton. It is going to then examine the four characteristics of solutions, and then finish with an explanation of the extra P’s found in the services marketing mix.

IT Services Marketing Review

In the last century there was a large shift in marketing thought; evolving from a goods-dominated perspective, where tangible output and different transactions were the attention, to a service-dominant perspective, in which intangibility, exchange procedures, and relationships are central (Vargo & Lusch, 2004).

Vargo and Lusch define services as the use of technical competencies (knowledge and skills) through deeds, procedures, and performances for the benefit of another entity or the entity itself. Four idiosyncratic features of services are now given, highlighting why service promotion is different from basic product marketing.

Potentially the most distinguishing feature about services is their intangibility. None of them are physical objects where a customer can take ownership of, even though during a ceremony physical signs will be apparent in the form of things like medicine the doctors prescribe for you, the photograph was taken of you riding the rollercoaster, or even the food onto your plate at a restaurant. T

his invisibility produces a number of issues for entrepreneurs. Primarily there’s absolutely no stock, which makes it difficult to manage supply and demand. Secondly, services can’t be shown or exhibited to customers, making it hard for marketers to market the quality of the service. And finally, because services do not physically exist, there is a problem in patenting them, making it easy for other companies to replicate your services.

Another notable aspect about products is that on average they remain the same. Should you buy a Ford Focus here in Australia, and then go and buy exactly the exact same model in the usa, chances are they will be exactly the same. Services are distinct in that they are heterogeneous, meaning they disagree with each use.

For example, a wildlife excursion won’t ever be the exact same twice, not only due to the arbitrary and unpredictable nature of the critters, but the guide could possibly be in a different mood, the weather will probably have changed, and there will be different customers every moment.

These factors make it harder to always give quality support, which can be important to marketers because clients will have a particular set of expectations in mind, based primarily on which was promoted from the service and previous experiences in the particular industry.

Another distinguishable feature about services is that it’s both produced and consumed in precisely the same time, rather than goods in which customers don’t see the way the product is fabricated. A fantastic reason for this is being in the theatre. The actors are’live’ and performing (generating ) at the same time as the viewers are watching (consuming).

The final distinction that differentiates services from goods is their perishability. When some products expire very fast (such as water balloons), services only cannot be stored, stored, resold, or returned at all. Marketers’ main concern will be the process for when things do not go as intended.


Clients cannot simply return the support and ask for another one; it’s all up to the service provider to supply the client some type of compensation. If passengers are made to wait a long time due to their flight, workers could provide free coffee and refreshments while they wait, in an attempt to compensate for their failing service.

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