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Is it Feasible to Find a Simple Divorce in Florida?

The fantastic thing is that over 90 percent of Divorces in Florida have been”uncontested”. To take advantage of the quicker and reduced cost divorce, the couple should fulfill the next 10 requirements:

Divorce, Separation, Marriage Breakup
  • At least one of the parties Have to Be a resident of Florida for at least 6 weeks
  • Neither of these parties has small or dependent children. Minor children are people under 18 decades old. Dependent children may be a kid over 18 who has disabilities
  • The couple should agree to collaborate and sign all necessary documents
  • The few should agree on division of assets, debts and property
  • The spouse shouldn’t be pregnant
  • Neither partner can make a petition for alimony or fiscal aid
  • The single financial information being asked by either party is that a Florida Family Law Financial Affidavit. This form is necessary for a divorce in Florida.
  • Both parties agree to give up their proper for a trial or an appeal
  • Each party must look at the court clerk’s office to sign the Petition for Dissolution
  • The couple should agree to attend a Last hearing in the courthouse

Simple Divorce in Florida

Should you meet the requirements for a simplified divorce it’s occasionally possible to have a divorce over 30 to 90 days after submitting each the essential types but that varies by county. Each the forms necessary to get a simplified divorce in Florida can be found at the regional courthouse or via online services divorceinfloridaonline.com. As soon as you’ve the forms in hand you’ll want to choose whether you’re able to fill them out properly by yourself or when you will need some expert assistance.

You’ve got at least four choices should you decide you want help filing for a divorce in Florida. I will cover those four choices from cheapest to most expensive.

The cheapest alternative is to complete the forms yourself with a bit of assistance from the staff in the regional Clerk of Court’s office. The types that you get should have a pair of directions. Be ready to ask them specific questions concerning the forms.

Your next cheapest solution is to buy some degree of assistance from the numerous divorce or legal types solutions accessible online. These solutions supply a vast selection of alternatives from just providing the types with directions to filling out the forms entirely according to information given by you. A few of those providers will even file the forms with the regional court.

The third cheapest alternative which might be accessible to you will be to find a local paralegal that delivers this service. They can typically be found on the internet or in the regional yellow pages(does anybody still use these?) . A neighborhood paralegal or kinds support may provide you a bit more personal service and reassurance.

Not one of the 3 choices I’ve just listed can provide you some legal advice about a divorce in Florida. They can only help you in completing the somewhat daunting paperwork. That’s the reason they are less costly. Only an lawyer can give you legal guidance regarding your own case.

This brings me to the very expensive alternative, attorneys. The great news is that an lawyer can most likely offer you a flat rate or overall fee to get an easy uncontested divorce in Florida. The benefit of selecting a lawyer is that you could really get some advice concerning the numerous legal questions that you may have. This will provide you a bit of comfort in a tricky time in your lifetime. The forms and processes are confusing and somewhat frightening and the fees you’ll pay an lawyer could possibly be well worth it for you.

Like I said at the start of the guide, over 90 percent of those divorces in Florida are uncontested. Finding a divorcing couple to agree on each the legal issues from the situation is the most crucial requirement for a easy divorce from Florida or anywhere else. As Soon as You are over that barrier you will find four fundamental steps:

(4) Appear in the waiver for the last hearing.
I guess it’s likely to receive a (comparatively ) easy divorce in Florida.

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