A Guide to Storing Archive Records

The issue of saving archive files has been around for decades, even in this realm of super-powerful computers and smartphones we nevertheless have a major reliance upon the published word when it comes to keeping documents.

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What exactly can you do with these paper files? Well, anything that’s important in the immediate day to day running of your company ought to be stored close at hand within clearly labeled files to help productivity. Documents that have to be kept for record-keeping functions can be archived off in specially designed cardboard boxes which will keep them safe and organized for potential recovery.

The https://julsolutions.ca/ (also commonly called file boxes, record boxes( office box files or banker’s boxes) allow the archiving of files from busy and often cramped offices which can increase workspace for workers. The ultra-low purchase price of the cardboard archive opens this kind of storage to companies of any scale or size.

What Size Box Do You Want?

An archive that measures at least H250 x W250 x D370mm is required to permit regular A4 paperwork to be stored – either on its own or inside protective record folders. There are many distinct sizes available to purchase but knowing what you will be saving in each box can help to determine suitable box measurements.

Foolscap Considerations

Most archive files are intended to accept Foolscap sizes so that A4 papers and document holders are readily stored together.

Archive Racking

When there are a few archive boxes in an office they’re often piled one on top of another, this is OK for smaller quantities but large piles of boxes may get difficult to use and also sustain damage. The preferred solution is to use dedicated archive box shelving and planning to supply a strong and long-lasting storage system that will minimize harm and help document recovery.

Double or single thickness shelves can be specified to accept as many boxes as required, choosing a racking system that goes above head height can dramatically increase the storage capacity of any archive area where staff members are confident in utilizing safety measures to get documents.

Archive storage systems provide a long-lasting, cost-effective way to organize archive documents and save space within the office environment.

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